Deliverist by Vonino
We deliver everything from your local Supermarket

Shop for groceries with the Deliverist App on your Iphone, Ipad or Android device.
Say goodbye to the supermarket, and hello to more free time.

Teraseya by Vonino
Precision agriculture.

Precision agriculture is a highly demand in the near future.
With Teraseya the farmer can be advised for various scenarios
based on remote sensors data.

Lumbara by Vonino
Supporting green

Green zones - the lungs of the city
Add intelligence to existing irrigation systems.

Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film
Technology to Change the Future

Over 99.5% efficiency.
1 day installation, 50 years life time.

Our Customers

The partnership with our customers, continues to grow stronger as all organizations have cherished the relationship and the honest commitments to each other. Our efforts are geared to maintain and further excel with greater achievements in the years to come.